Saved: As a teenager-Winnetka Heights Baptist Church
           Tulsa, Oklahoma
Reside in Ludlow VT
Married : Peter (May 1995)
Occupation: Business Owner
Home Church: United Methodist Church Proctorsville VT
Favorite Scripture in the Bible: Philipians 4:13

   When Jesus Christ became my Lord and Saviour as a
teenager, I truly knew that my life was changed at that very moment. I wished I could say that I walked the straight and narrow way throughout my life, but that would not be the truth. I, like so many other new Christians, found myself caught up in the world and the supposed "pleasures" it had to offer for far too many years. Of this, I am profoundly ashamed. I now know that my llife would have been so much better had I had the wisdom to see the errors of the choices I made. But...age does help our eyes open. I now know that, true to His Word, God never left my side (and in many cases actually saved me from destructon). Upon moving to Vermont it became clear why I had been spared so many times from my unwise choices. God had a job for me to do; to sing His praises. Now this is a truly fun job. My first opportunity came with the wonderful gospel group "Reunion". I spent four years praising God, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Now, I have another opportunity to once again sing praises with the wonderful Christians that comprise Middle River Gospel. WHAT A LIFE!!! My husband and I own a business in Ludlow, VT and God opens the door for me to share what He has done for me on many occasions. God's Word is really true, "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."
Pam Timmerman
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  " I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me"
Lead and Backup Vocals