Bob Walker
Piano and Accordian Musician
Reside in Rutland VT
Married : Irene
Children: Daughter; Jenn-Grandson; Thomas
Occupation: Retired Realtor (Walker Grove Assoc Inc)
                 Currently with Rutland NE Special Ed Dept
Home Church: Church of Nazarene Rutland VT
Home Church Ministry: Playing Piano in Worship team 
  I have been truly blessed by God since my many years
of being saved; with good marriage and family, good church
families, being retired twice from two successful businesses,
and a continuing job with Rutland NE Special Ed Dept.
  I took accordian lessons when I was a young teenager and played in two secular bands until my graduation from UVM.
In 2006, I was asked to play accordian for a popular Christian group in the area and this awakened my interest in playing. Over the 2-3 years I was with that group, I played less accordian and more piano. Since becoming a member of Middle River Gospel, I find myself playing almost totally piano; which is truly God's intervention in my music because I do not read piano music and play only by ear and from memory. I am confident that we can trust God as to where and how far He will take our musical ministry.
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