Saved: July 24th 1986 at Springfield Assembly of God
           Springfield VT
Born: March 8th 1960
Reside in Springfield VT
Married : Cheryle (October 26th 1991)
Children: (2) sons, Richard and Ronald
Occupation: Salesperson/Delivery Driver
Home Church: Springfield Assembly of God
Home Church Ministry: Music Director
Favorite book in the Bible: John 14
  God is my strength, my help, my refuge, truthfully, my life. He reached out to me when I was at my lowest. I was going through a painful situation I really couldn't change; literally my life was upside down and crumbling. I remember thinking, I could not see any future to my existence, not that I was thinking about ending my life or anything. It's just there wasn't any vision or hope of anything in my future. But God reached out, I listened and accepted His gift. Salvation through Jesus Christ. He rebuilt my life from the rubble, has given me hope, and has brought me a long ways since then, giving me many opportunities to serve Him in different ministries. Praise the Lord!
  Couple of years ago, if you told me God would have me part of a band, I would have looked at you with a real strange look like you were nuts. But God, He called me to do this and has put some of the most talented individuals in this group. I consider it a great honor and priviledge to serve God in this capacity and to be associated with such a wonderful and talented group of people that make up Middle River Gospel. God has a great and wonderful ministry for us.
Rod Lambert
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Cheryle Lambert
Keyboard Player
Lead and Backup Vocals
Secretary and Treasurer-Middle River Gospel
My special gift from God-my wife and help mate. She is such a blessing not only to our family but MRG as well !